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What We Do

Girl Gone West excels at digital strategy, insights, trends, pitch strategy, creative ideas and calls to action that convert.

Digital commerce + conversion is our sweet spot – with deep, proven expertise in innovation.

The woman behind Girl Gone West is Amy Lanigan.

Engage Us When You Need…

Pitch strategy + “roadshow” presentations
Marketing strategies that define direction
Consumer input + insights
Creative approaches to competition
Digital trend + opportunity identification
Infusion of innovative thinking + ideas
Compelling copy + calls to action

How We Partner

Our clients partner with us in two primary ways:

1. Embed us: Augment and strengthen your existing team.
2. Outsource to us: Brief us and we’ll run with it.

For the right project we will expand our team to include other experts.

"Sweet as an independent consultant! A dream come true. Absolutely I'm interested in your services." - My new favorite email



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